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As children, we were constantly reminded to “stand up straight”, even though it is believed that the earliest humans did not. In fact, the earliest people were known to climb trees and walk on the ground, which enabled them to have the flexibility to move effectively about their various surroundings, and thrive in an ever-changing climate.

When did humans first begin to walk upright and when did the idea of standing up straight become a staple we must adhere to, to succeed in life, or enjoy optimal health benefits?

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Flexguard Medical
Back Brace



Contact manufacturer

Stability Ace -Corrector



1 Year Limited

Back & Lumbar Support Brace



30 Day money back guarantee

My Pro Supports Clavicle Brace

S-M, L - XL


See Manufacturer

Aofit 12 Magnets Pull Shoulder Straps



Contact manufacturer directly

According to scientists, the early humans were known as Sahelanthropus and made their way around over 6 million years ago, combining apelike and human movements. The excavated skeletal remains of early man indicate a record in human beings making a gradual transition from climbing to walking upright, to survive in their changing habitat.

In today’s modern society, the notion of standing up straight (also known as having good posture) is still considered an important part of overall good health and is a symbol of self-assurance and confidence.

What is Posture?

In the health conscious society of the 21st Century, optimum health is crucial, and having good posture is an integral part of wellness. Experts define posture as the shape and muscle tone of the spine and an important aspect of optimal health and wellness.

In fact, a man’s stature ranks quite high on the list of what constitutes good health, and some consider posture as important as eating a wholesome diet, consistent exercising, sleeping well, and circumventing harmful substances such as drugs and alcohol.

Good Posture Means Good Health

The benefits of good posture are now being recognized as a necessary part a whole lifetime fitness regime and a fantastic way to live life with more energy and less fatigue. It’s also been said that good posture is an indicator of confidence and enables one to succeed both socially and professionally.

Many believe that someone who has good posture has properly aligned bones with muscles, joints and ligaments working well in harmony. Proper posture means that vital organs are functioning optimally and in the correct position within the body. Also, good posture is known to contribute to the nervous system working properly.

The consequences of improper posture include physical consequences and an overall decline in health and efficiency, to include long term effects such as issues with digestion, breathing, joint and ligament pain, and digestive problems.

How Does Poor Posture Develop?

Several factors can impact one's posture. Poor posture can develop due to a fall or accident, and poor posture can also develop from bad work habits. In today’s media-centered world, it appears that posture-related issues are on the rise due to our preoccupation with cells phones and tablets and how we tend to lean forward to utilize those devices.

Also, today’s society has a greater propensity to sit for longer periods of time. With the advent of 21st Century electronics, we have become a generation who watches more television than our ancestors, and we sit for longer periods of time.

The norm seems to be people holding predominately sedentary jobs and slouching over a desk for many hours in a day. Some believe that this may also impact posture and that having a desk job is detrimental to health.

There are other contributing factors that can influence bearing, such as a shoddy mattress, ill-fitting shoes, carrying extra weight, lack of exercise and overall weak muscles. Of course, we can't forget our work stress and careless habits such as slouching and improper lifting.

The good news is that we do have some control over our posture. Several products on the market can support the desire for enhanced and improved bearing, such as high quality posture braces for men as well as top-rated posture correctors.

What is a Posture Brace?

A posture brace is a garment designed to support the shoulders and spine, offering support and increasing the stability of the muscles of the neck, shoulders and back. The posture brace works by drawing the shoulders back and straightening the spine to a natural position.

Women can purchase a posture support in the form of a posture bra, but this article focuses on the best posture braces for men. Also known as a posture corrector, posture braces can help to adopt a straighter more natural upright position, even as we sit or use electronic devices.

The fabric brace should fit on easily just like a shirt would be worn, and should be comfortable to wear. Most bearing correctors can be worn for any desired duration of time, but the experts indicate that the best way to enhance good comportment is to wear a posture corrector in combination with a consistent exercise plan to strengthen the spine and core muscles.

Why do you need a Posture Corrector?

Having an improper posture means a person is consistently in a position wherein their ligaments and muscles are not working at peak performance. That means a shift from the natural intended spinal curve, such as a hunched or crouched spine. When this happens, there can be variable amounts of stress on particular spinal areas, or the neck and shoulder muscles.

You can learn more about proper posture from the American Chiropractic Association, who indicate that long-standing poor posture can negatively impact bodily systems such as digestion and breathing.

Which Posture Corrector is Right for You?

Because of the large volume of posture correctors for men on the market, it can be helpful to narrow down the choices based on specific needs.

For example, do you want something you can wear underneath or on top of your clothing? While most models can be worn underneath clothes, the different products have different features to consider, such as adjustable straps, breathable materials, and customized sizing.

Top 5 Posture Corrector Reviews

Flexguard Medical Back Brace

  • Size: Extra-Large
  • Shipping Weight: 8 ounces
  • Warranty: Contact manufacturer

The Flexguard Medical Back Brace is fully adjustable and designed for full posture correction and a straighter spine. This item is a fantastic option for anyone wishing to correct their bearing and alleviate back pain.

Flexguard’s Medical Back Brace is reasonably priced and intended to inhibit a hunchback posture while encouraging one to sit or stand up straight. The reviews indicate that the product combines strength and comfort for a flexible way to straighten out your back. Also, with fully adjustable straps, reviewers gave accolades for a personalized fit.

Another useful feature of this product is that it's constructed using a lightweight and breathable cotton material with dura-stitching, which may allow for longer use. As someone who sits at a computer all day, I would appreciate an item that might enable me to sit up straighter, while getting my work completed.


  • Well-made design
  • Fully adjustable for personalized fit


  • Complaints of poor fit – and item being too small
  • Complaints of being bulky and uncomfortable under clothing


  • Size: Large
  • Shipping Weight: 1.6 ounces
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited

The Stability Ace Corrector is geared for clavicle fracture and may provide corrections to comportment. The product is made with a foam that is comfortable and soft, and the garment is fully adjustable. Once the item is adjusted, it can be customized to fit almost any size male or female user.

Another quality feature of this product is the velvet cushion and adjustable D-rings which allow for easy adjustments and a tailored fit. The materials are washable and easy to care for as well as lightweight.

This garment can be worn underneath or over the clothing, allowing more flexibility for the user. The StabilityAce posture corrector may relieve back pain as it is designed to provide posture support and gently pull the shoulder back, aligning the clavicle. This product includes a one-year warranty.


  • Easy to use
  • Effective at relieving back pain


  • Effective at relieving back pain
  • Complaints of plastic grommets being itchy

Back & Lumbar Support Brace

  • Size: M-XXL
  • Shipping Weight: 7.7 ounces
  • Warranty: 30 Day money back guarantee

This product combines premium materials with durable stitching to provide a functional back and lumbar support brace.

Intended as a comfortable way to improve your bearing, this product is designed to provide relief from back, shoulder, and neck pain. Also, the Nonpareil posture corrector is focused on encouraging enhanced posture for reduction of back issues over time.

This hand washable, unisex brace fits chest sizes 26" - 40" and is constructed for everyday wear underneath or on top of clothing. It is made using premium materials and comes with a full 30-days product guarantee that will allow a full refund if the product doesn’t work for you.


  • Accolades for sturdy construction
  • Praise for several size options


  • Complaints of rubbing and irritation under arms
  • Complaints of sizes being large

My Pro Supports Clavicle Brace

  • Size: S-M, L-XL
  • Shipping Weight: 3.2 ounces
  • Warranty: See Manufacturer

The My Pro Supports posture correction brace was designed by an orthopedist and intended as a vest to be worn under or over clothing.

This brace is intended to align the shoulders gently from curved or hunched to a position enhancing good posture. The My Pro support brace may help alleviate and prevent chronic back and neck pain, and can improve overall comportment.

Offering extra support for the body, this brace may protect from additional injury. It is known to be comfortable and comes in various sizes: S/M and L/XL using an armpit to armpit measurement. This product has been recommended by the professionals in spine health.


  • Effective to use
  • Accolades for improved posture


  • Complaints of limited sizing
  • Problems putting the garment on without help

Aofit 12 Magnets Pull Shoulder Straps

  • Size: Medium
  • Shipping Weight: 7.2 ounces
  • Warranty: Contact manufacturer directly

The Aofit Magnets Pull Shoulder Straps Back Support Corrector comes in various sizes and uses magnetic pull to straighten posture. Designed in a handy vest scheme, this garment can be worn under or over the clothing. It's comfortable; lightweight materials ensure all day comfort for the user. The product comes in white and black.

Intended to protect the muscles and joints of the back, this vest-like model has an elastic cloth and unique tailoring to hug the body and enhance straight posture. With adjustable Velcro closures, the product provides maximum comfort when worn. The unisex posture corrector has enhanced flexibility and provides continual air flow.


  • Flexible, airy materials
  • Praise for adjustable straps


  • Complaints of poor construction
  • Complaints of improper sizing

The Best Choice

In the case of the Best Posture Brace for men, the best choice is the My Pro Supports Clavicle Brace. This product supports correct posture using a fashionable vest design and is known for its comfortable fabric.

Reviewers indicated that the cozy and flexible materials of this product set it apart from others. The reliable fabric construction allows for the user to wear it underneath or above clothing. This vest gently aligns the shoulders into a proper position and may enhance posture.

Another quality feature of this posture brace is that it may help to prevent further injury and it comes recommended by chiropractors and healthcare professionals. Made to suit both men and women, the My Pro brace comes in black and white and will easily fit into any wardrobe, satisfying any color preference.

The fashionable vest design can be discreetly hidden underneath clothing or worn while exercising to provide continuous support. This posture correcting vest would be an excellent choice for anyone wishing to achieve better posture at a reasonable price.

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