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Do you find yourself suffering from back pain, fatigued muscles, headaches, body aches, rounded shoulders, or other common symptoms of poor posture? It happens to more people than you might think and it continues to happen because people don’t realize that their posture is what is causing them all of their pain. One simple solution to poor posture is an item called the PostureNOW.

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Posture Now

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  • Improved posture
  • Great reminder to stand straight
  • Easy to hide under clothing


  • Hard to put on alone
  • Poor quality
  • Uncomfortable

Things To Consider Before Buying A Posture Corrector


A posture brace or corrector is a type of device that helps support the shoulders and back. It also helps to stabilize the muscles of the neck, shoulders, and back. It will do this by pulling the shoulder backwards and straightening out the back by bringing everything to its natural position.

These braces are ideal for people who have deformities of the spine which may include kyphosis or scoliosis. You can also acquire poor posture due to lack of exercise and increased weight in the body. If you are somebody who sits at a desk for long periods of time, posture braces are a good idea because they can help keep you aligned. These are also great for those who have suffered from whiplash or those who have a disc problem in their back.

Before you buy a brace, think about these things first:

  • Wearing it all of the time may restrict certain spinal movements
  • You should use it with a good exercise plan
  • It should be comfortable
  • Consider where it can be worn (on top or under clothing)
  • Consider the adjustability and size
  • Cleaning and care
  • Price

Presenting The PostureNOW


The PostureNOW is a different kind of brace, nothing like you have ever seen before-I would imagine. Normal braces you see go around the waist and can be rather uncomfortable, but the PostureNOW is a flexible elastic tension band that connects two neoprene armbands together. It works by pulling your shoulders back and creating muscle memory, creating the habit of good posture. You can wear it anytime and you can wear it either inside or outside of your clothing.

Keep in mind that the device is not keeping you in the correct posture, it is your back muscles. Over time, you will find yourself needing to use the brace less and less because you will naturally have a stronger upper back and much better posture, thanks to that muscle memory. It’s not a quick fix, it’s a long-term correction.

Features & Benefits

The whole idea of the PostureNOW is to straighten your spine out. It is the newest way to do it by only using neoprene arm bands. Let’s break it down even more for you.


I have seen some mixed reviews about this when it comes to comfort. The neoprene armbands are supposed to be extremely comfortable in combination with the flexible elastic strap that goes across the back. This is to help provide tension when you start to slouch. These armbands are also very comfortable and aren’t going to dig into your skin like traditional braces might.

However, I have seen some complaints about them getting uncomfortable after a few hours of use.

You are recommended to wear it for 10-30 minutes a day for 30 days to develop the habit of good posture. The issue at hand here is that people are trying to wear it for hours at a time and they are becoming uncomfortable, so don’t let those reviews scare you.

PostureNOW Comfort Video

Ease Of Use

When we get a product, we want something that is going to be simple to use, right? A huge and popular complaint that I have seen about the PostureNOW is that it isn’t easy to get on by yourself. It also isn’t easy to use if you have a very physical job that requires the use of your arms often. This is more of a product to use if you are at home a lot or have an office job that doesn’t require a lot of use of your arms.

Heres how to put it on.


One aspect of the PostureNOW that I really like is the fact that it is a “one size fits most” product. You don’t have to struggle with size charts and trying to figure out which one you fall into. If you are a woman in a size 14 dress or larger or a man in a size XL shirt or larger, there is an XL size just for you. This also applies to customers with biceps over 14” in circumference (good for you!)

Unfortunately, there have been some complaints about the sizing being a little wonky, so I suggest making sure it fits properly before you wear it for a long period of time. You can also return it for a different size if it doesn’t fit right.


The quality of a product is always something that really matters to me. If I am paying a good amount of money for something, I want it to last. I have been seeing a lot of complaints about the product not lasting a long period of time and it was ripping after a few uses. I am not sure if it was because the product was faulty, but they do offer a 90-day love it or your money back guarantee. So if something does happen to it or you just don’t like it, you can return it and get a refund. See, there’s always an upside to everything.


The PostureNOW is a realistic product for those who are looking to correct their issues over a period of time and not just looking for a quick fix. It gives you better upper body strength, improves your posture, and re-trains your back muscles. This will pull your shoulders back and put your body back in its natural alignment where it belongs.

The PostureNOW is a great fit for a posture problem because it does re-train your body over time.It gives your body a chance to learn how to stand up straight again. It is also a long term solution and not something that claims to magically fix your issues overnight. So, if you are looking to improve your posture with a different kind of product, check out the PostureNOW.

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