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Have you ever rolled your eyes in response when a parent or grandparent told you to sit up straight? Proper posture may seem like some old-fashioned piece of advice or something, but your elders are worth listening to. It turns out that proper posture can prevent all sorts of discomfort. And now you're looking to correct your posture because you're feeling it in your neck, shoulders, and maybe even your attitude.

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Review Summary

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  • Shoulder straps physically corrects posture
  • Electronic device "reminds" you to sit or stand straight
  • App tracks your progress over time
  • Fits most body types


  • Constant vibrations and alerts may be annoying
  • Only works with iPhone and Android smartphones
  • Assembly may be difficult for some

Things to Consider Before Buying a Smart Back Brace

Bad posture can lead to increased stress, cardiovascular problems, and even constipation. On top of all the internal issues, slouching can even make you look heavier. So, now you're ready to make a change, but you likely have questions.

If you're looking for a quick fix, good luck – you're not likely to find one. It takes years for bad posture to settle in and affect your physical appearance and health problems, so it will take a while to correct it, too. If you're willing to put in at least 15 minutes per day with the Smart Back Brace, you can start to improve your posture.

Bad posture isn't always caused by slouching, though. If you suffer from bad posture due to an injury, misaligned shoulders or spine, or osteoporosis, you might want to consider garments designed to support your back, core, and shoulders, such as traditional back braces, girdles, and long-line bras.

However, if your bad posture is due to hunching over, which is a common problem for those who have sedentary jobs, a Smart Back Brace can help. You'll have to commit to using the brace every day for at least 15 minutes per day to see results. The Smart Back Brace isn't a magical device that automatically corrects your posture, though. It's a way for you to retrain your natural posture stance, and the device helps you get to the point where you stand or sit properly without its help eventually.

What is a Smart Back Brace?

Unlike a typical back brace, the Smart Back Brace is simply two straps that you slip your arms through and tighten. These straps help keep your shoulders in place, and a small electronic device rests on your back. This unit includes sensors that pick up on when you start to slouch and you'll feel it vibrate to remind you to sit up straight.

Through Bluetooth technology, it also connects to your smartphone and an app that sends you alerts to remind you to sit up straight. In addition to notifying you of when you hunch over, it keeps track of how often you do it, so you can track your progress over time.

This isn't like traditional braces, which only hold your shoulders and back in a corrected position while you're wearing the contraption; it helps to train your muscles to hold proper posture even without the brace. If you've tried other methods, this might be the one that works for you – especially if you're forgetful and need a reminder or two.

The designers of the Smart Back Brace made the shoulder straps super adjustable so it fits a variety of body types. Whether you're short and tiny, stout, or tall and big-boned, you should be able to wear this brace with no issue.

Features & Benefits

The Smart Back Brace could work as a posture-correcting device for you because of its combination of features. They work together to physically change the way you hold your shoulders and it's consistent nagging reminders to stop slouching. Regardless of your age or size (in most cases), this device could help you fix your constant hunching problem, thanks to the clavicle brace, the low frequency vibration reminders, and the helpful app that tracks how well you're doing session to session.

The Brace Itself

Shoulder straps work similarly to other clavicle braces. You can loosen and tighten the straps as needed to get a comfortable fit around your arms and shoulders. These are meant to be a bit tight because they hold your shoulders back in the proper position for good posture. You may find it uncomfortable, at first, but that's because of years of bad posture.

The straps are meant to "show" you where you should hold your shoulders for good posture and support. The idea is not to wear this brace continuously, as you should be working to maintain correct posture on your own – and that's where the "smart" part of this invention comes into play.

The Smart Part

An electronic device that rests on your back is what helps you retrain your muscles to hold your body at a more natural position to provide your joints, bones, and entire body, really, the support it needs. The small unit is lightweight, so you shouldn't notice it much. However, you will very much notice it if you start to slouch, as the sensors inside the device will sense your movement forward and send a vibrating alert for you to correct your posture.

The point of the vibrations from the device is a bit like your mom tapping you on your shoulder to remind you to sit up straight. Eventually, your natural inclination should be to sit or stand with your shoulders in the proper position for excellent posture without the device reminding you.

The App

Although the brace and the electronic device would be enough to help correct your stance, the included app helps with letting you know whether you're in a correct position for good posture (while you're wearing the device). After you calibrate the device, you can see each of your sessions as recorded by the app, which lets you see whether you're doing well or if you need more practice.

The Battery

It would be impractical to keep this device plugged into a wall outlet while you use it, so the manufacturer included a rechargeable battery that lasts quite a while. You can charge the battery with the included microUSB cable and the battery should last for a couple days' of use. The brilliant part here is that you can charge your back brace device using a computer, a phone charger, or wall outlet.

The Guarantee

If you find that the Smart Back Brace just isn't working for you, the customer support team should work with you to either help make the brace more effective or get your money back. The 30-day guarantee does offer a full refund if you don't see any improvements, but it has a caveat. You must show that you've used the device for at least 10 hours, total. You would need to make sure you put in at least 40 15-minute sessions to equal that 10-hour requirement, or 20 30-minute sessions. Keep in mind that the app tracks your sessions, so be sure it's accurate and reassess your progress after that month of use.

Bottom Line

Poor posture can lead to all sorts of problems, not the least of which is pain. If years of slouching has created a hump on your back and you automatically slide into a position where you're hunched over with your shoulders drooping, the Smart Back Brace may be the solution you need to correct those bad habits.

After using the product regularly over time, you may notice that you sit or stand straighter even without the brace and device, which is precisely what it aims to do. If you're hoping to correct your posture to look and feel better, then click here to check out the Smart Back Brace.

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